Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 from 11:00am - 2:00pm

[Fricassee Cubano]

at [Los Cisneros]


The goal of this event is to bring friends together and share a meal...for a small price $15

All of your $ is for a great cause; to help us get a small micro-kitchen business going out of our home.  Jenny wants to get a business going and I love to cook and host so this is the marriage of the two goals we share.  Together we are working on creating something fun for us, that gets us out of the element of what we do each day.  That's what we do and not who we are as individuals.  This is just our starting point for now, and we want to welcome you to share our 'pilot' of a home kitchen journey. 

Fricassee Cubano

Chicken Cuban fricassee is a hearty stew dish with potatoes, green jalapeńo-stuffed olives, and capers in a tomato-based sauce over white rice and a side of black beans.  

This is Cuban 🇨🇺 comfort food at its best! 



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[Huevos Rancheros]



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